Black and White Photo Session

Black and white photography is timeless. You can capture an image with color photography, but when you are photographing a person in black and white or in the noir style, you are photographing their true charter and soul.

Session Overview:

During our session, we be using a combination of hard, soft and diffused lighting in conjunction with fresnel modifiers and an assortment of soft boxes and reflectors to achieve the desired effect.

As far as light placement around the studio, we will experiment with the following techniques (Rembrandt, butterfly, split, loop, flat, etc.,) in order to capture the best black and white photo(s) that tell a story and represent who you really are.

Session Preparation:

Please come prepared with a maximum of 3 outfits. Unless arranged during initial pre-consultation, please have make-up, hair, etc., ready to rock your shoot prior to the photography session.

Session Duration:

Sessions will typically take 3 hours. With that said, it all depends on the mood, connection and level of comfort to achieve the final set of photos.

Final Photos:

10+ professionally edited photos will be delivered via a private gallery as well as discounted pricing on post production images, including prints and amazing wall art.

Photos delivered via the private gallery can be downloaded via computer or phone and the gallery can be shared with whomever you choose.


All individuals looking to be photographed will be required to show identification that they are 18 years or older or must be accompanied by a parent.

Also, forms will also be provided at the time of your shoot and signature will be required before we begin.


Option 1: $300 per studio session (3 hours) (which includes post production edits).

Option 2: $125/hr if you want to book less than three hours. 

Note: additional discounts will apply to shoots going more than 3 hours.

Also, payment is due once photos are delivered for review. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like the photos, you can just walk away. It’s that simple.

How To Get Started:

Just contact me!

Phone: 630-247-4396 (call or text)


Once you reach out, we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve and I’ll explain more on what to expect during the day of the photoshoot.

Studio Location:

Dave Malecki Photography

2385 Greenbrook Drive, Aurora IL 60502